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Inspiring and empowering people
through creativity to explore, develop and grow

Make a grant or major gift

Perhaps you’ve just received a windfall, got a big bonus from work, run a family trust or are interested in making a long-term commitment to make sure creative opportunities are accessible to as many vulnerable people as possible?

We actively encourage supporters who make big gifts to visit some of the projects they support, where appropriate. There is nothing better than meeting and hearing for yourself how a participant has changed, got more control over their situations and triumphed over the challenging circumstances in their lives.

Of course, we’ll be equally delighted if you’d just like to make a donation. We promise to keep in touch and after a few months, we’ll send you a project update to let you know how your gift is being used.

You might also want to sponsor a whole project from beginning to end. This might be, for example, working with a group of young people addicted to ketamine to help them recover, through to helping setting up a resource for women to integrate back in to society after prison, through to working with complex and troubled families or families suffering from trauma. To find out more and tell us about the sorts of projects you would be interested in helping, please contact us.


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