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co|Create: Artists Practice Xchange

We are very excited to launch a new initiative that gives artists the opportunity to share their own artistic practice with like-minded, supportive and inspiring fellow artists and producers.

Practice Xchange will be a safe and vibrant space where you can:

* Try out new ideas
* Gain feedback
* Share your practice with a wider community
* Meet like-minded artists
* Hopefully find new partners and collaborators
* Glean inspiration from your peers

How it works:

5 artists will each have 20 minutes to showcase their practice/idea in front of a small audience of peers. This will include 15 minutes of ‘showing’ and 5 minutes of feedback.

The ‘showing’ can be anything you like from a simple presentation to a full-blown workshop or participatory event. The more engaging the better!

There will then be time afterwards to network with fellow artists and audience.
Artists will be offered expenses of £20.

If you are interested in being one of our first 5 Artists, then please do send a proposal outlining your practice & what and how you would like to present to by 12pm Mon 3rd September 2018

Practice Xchange event to be held in Bath (venue tbc) in October (date tbc)

(Artists/audience attending the Practice Xchange event will be charged a small fee that will be administered and kept by Creativity Works)

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