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Writing Space [Peer-Led Group]

Writing Space is a creative peer-led support group for anyone who has some experience of writing and would like to meet with others in a friendly informal group to develop and share ideas. You don’t have to be a published writer! This group is fun and welcoming to all and is suitable for anyone that would like to develop their writing skills. Bath: Tuesdays 1 – 4pm.
This is not a drop-in group but if you are interested in becoming a member please contact: – 01761 438852
This page is a space for the participants to share their work.

 Added Wednesday June 13th 2018

Cup, a letter to an object by Mike.

Dear Cup,

As I promised in our surprise meeting in the Café a few weeks ago, here is some news about me and some that you might find interesting. I realise this might come as a shock to you so I am writing this slowly as I know you can’t read fast. I hope you can handle it.

Yes, we cups are in constant use and sometimes treated as mugs. I enclose a mugshot of our meeting for you. I was reading an article in a newspaper recently from one who said he was a mug in the Government. He reminded me that we cups can have very high profile jobs in Parliament as everyone in the Commons has to address the Sbeaker.

We try to be independent but we usually have to take a lot of sauce from that plate under us.

During our meeting, you may recall that I had to go to the Gents and saw another one there. I said I Cup……I see you pee.

While filling me with hot water, I heard my owner telling his friend that he may send me to a car boot sale. Then he dropped a paper bag in me. He was only teasing. He also remarked that he went to the Doctor complaining that whenever he drinks a cup of tea, his eye hurts. Doctor was concerned and then brought him another cup and asked him to drink. Doctor then realised the problem and told him to take the spoon out. Those things can really give me a headache sometimes. I was speaking to one the other day and told me he suffered from spoonerisms e.g. chish and fips.

I know another cup who was illegally brought into this country by smugglers. Some of us are used to steal money from little old ladies.

Thankfully we can only be used for small drinks and not used in pubs or clubs as then we would really get big headed.

Some of us can be very well spoken when we are filled with Expresso.

Sometimes we can look very boring so I see many of my friends with those stupid slogans on them. Occasionally I’m a mug for a Creative Writing Group.

Did you know that there are songs about us? Yes, Lionel Ritchie had a hit with Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?

Some of us can get a bad name. Sometimes mugs are only for drink drivers.

Soon, all the world’s footballers will be playing for a World Cup. Nothing like a cup. We are the only ones that England have got a chance of.

Now I expect I have given you enough information about ourselves that you probably didn’t realise. You are probably overflowing.

Please consider what I have told you, and maybe we can meet again as our owners will have to bring us now instead of using those pathetic paper versions. Can’t beat a good quality pottery mug, though some do and then we feel absolutely shattered………….. all over the floor.

Take care,


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